Model Airplane Racing.
The first ever pylon race at the ERCS Bremner field is about a month away and we would like to start organizing the volunteers.
Quickie 500 racing will be on Saturday June 25th, and Quarter Midget 40 will be on Sunday June 26th. After reviewing the weather and helper availability, we will make a go/no go call by noon on Thursday, June 23th.
Volunteers are asked to be the field no later than 9:30 A.M. each morning. They will be given a brief introduction on how to judge the race and the race will start at 10:00 A.M. There will be a break for lunch. Lunch and refreshments will be provided free for the volunteers. It is expected the race will end around 2:30 P.M. each day. We will provide sun shades for the course judges but each judge should bring a lawn chair.
We will need people to man the following positions on Saturday and Sunday. We will assign people to positions on the day of the race.
Pylon 1: 3 people
Pylon 2: 1 person (a 2nd person to keep the 1st person company would be nice)
Pylon 3: 1 person (a 2nd person to keep the 1st person company would be nice)
Lap Counters: 3 people (one of these people will need to operate the timing laptop computer)
Start Line: 2 people (An experienced ex-pylon racer would be ideal for this position).
The following positions are optional but hopefully we will have some spare people to help:
Scorekeeper: 1 person
Lunch setup/teardown: 1 or 2 people
Volunteers can contact Kevin Umbach to have their name put on the volunteer list. Kevin's e-mail is
 or you can phone him at 780-718-9285.

Pictures from the 2016 Scale fun-fly.